About Us

About Us

ISCO is one of the leading companies specialized in InfoTech and Telecom Systems working on a steady and solid pace to be the best InfoTech and Telecom services provider in the Middle East. The company was established considering the local and international market high demand in this field, whereas the company depends on its highly qualified team who are specialized in developing integrated solutions parallel to the rapid development of Info Technology sector around the world. This is where our team utilizes the best resources and tools available in addition to continuous research activities on new developments in all market sectors to exceed our customer expectations in our quality of service. ISCO is considered to be one of the fastest growing consulting companies in Info Tech and Telecom Systems Services in the region. The company has implemented various projects and Info Tech Solutions to many companies in various fields these, which include and not limited to commercial companies, International Hotels and Restaurants, Private International Schools and many others.


To be the ideal example for InfoTech and Telecom Systems companies through developing traditional methods and by providing the best quality of service to various market sectors and to assist these sectors to even up the evolution of InfoTech and Telecom Systems . Which will allow our achievements to rapidly grow and reach the peak of InfoTech and Telecom Systems companies worldwide.


To be a leading Info Tech and Telecom Services International Company by providing a High - Standard Level of Integrated Solutions and to continuously present new and creative projects.

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